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Forms Mate

Easy-to-create professional WordPress forms for every site and situation


Stripe recurring subscriptions

  • Set processing conditions
  • Allow free trial periods
  • Customize plan quantity

Flexible Site Forms

  • Expert, pre-made templates
  • Registration and login forms
  • Choose from 25+ form fields
  • Accept E-signatures
  • Customize form style / appearance
  • Easy form calculations
  • Apply conditional logic
  • Spam protection
  • Submission behavior
  • Manage submissions and data

Engaging Polls

  • Easily add questions and poll options
  • Interactive, dynamic poll settings
  • Add images to poll options
  • Easy display with a shortcode
  • Display results after vote
  • Adjust colors, layout, and style
  • Flexible behavior settings
  • Add custom CSS

Interactive Quizzes

  • Create BuzzFeed-style quizzes
  • Add questions and answers
  • Flexible and easy to create
  • Add images at all stages
  • Capture leads
  • Email participants
  • Adjust design, layout, and style
  • Social sharing options

Stripe & PayPal Payments

  • Use for one-off payments
  • Recurring Stripe payments / subscriptions

Third-Party Integrations

  • Support for 2000+ third-party apps
  • Enhance form data collection
  • Connect via API
  • Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot, and more

Advanced Tools

  • Customize Forminator dashboard
  • Pagination
  • Form editor
  • Third-party form plugin import
  • Adjust form, poll, and quiz privacy

All Features

  • Accept payments with Stripe and PayPal integrations
  • Drive more engagement with interactive quizzes and polls
  • Custom user registrations and login forms
  • Collect leads via interactive quizzes
  • Multisite support
  • eSignature form field
  • Form calculations
  • Conditional logic
  • Dynamic pre-filling
  • Multi-step forms
  • Spam protection with Honeypot, Akismet, hCaptcha support, and Google ReCAPTCHA integrations
  • Unlimited notification with email routing and conditional emails
  • Integrated submissions management with scheduled export
  • Easy-to-manage submissions
  • Easy GDPR consent
  • Multi-file uploader
  • Front-end post field
  • Easy appearance customization
  • Form & quiz pagination
  • Stripe subscription add-on
  • Conditionally send data to integrated apps
  • Conditional after submission behavior
  • Global appearance presets
  • Bulk import options for Radio, Checkbox, and Select fields
  • 25+ supported forms fields
  • Easy-to-use form editor
  • Integrate with 1000s of third-party apps

Frequently asked questions

How many websites can I have on each hosting plan?

One WordPress installation per hosting droplet. Each plan is an isolated and compartmentalized instance using dedicated resources to ensure your site is blazing-fast and secure. Our backup, staging, and other hosting tools are specifically designed to host and support one dedicated WP installation per plan.

Isn't this too cheap? Isn’t this too expensive?

It’s funny that we have to answer both of these questions all the time! Compared to shared hosting (stuffing hundreds of websites onto one server) we are somewhat expensive, BUT compared to other managed and dedicated hosts we are incredibly affordable!

This is because we are leveraging cutting-edge technology (DigitalOcean and Linode are our hosting partners) and charging an absolute minimal markup on those for our additional services.

How easily can I migrate my website?

Incredibly easily if you choose! Our experts can handle the whole migration process for you! No limit on sites. If you want to migrate 20 sites to us, then we’ll migrate all 20 for you at no additional cost. We also provide an automated migration tool if you would like to manage the migration yourself.

Do you offer email accounts included with hosting?

Yes! We include, at no extra cost, a range of email solutions – from unlimited email forwarding (so you can forward to whatever email account you like and then ‘send as’ from that account) and also email at your actual domain that you can log into and send from using Outlook, Apple Mail, or whatever client you’d like.

Do you offer SSL certificates?

Indeed! Every site gets a free SSL cert from Let’s Encrypt. We also offer free Wildcard SSL for Multisite subdomains, which are automatically set up and configured for you.

Why can't I use the full listed storage space?

Every site hosted with us gets its own dedicated droplet to maximize performance. That means none of your server resources are shared with any other sites! No need to worry about someone else’s site slowing yours down or even worse, taking it down.

Can I host a Multisite or a WooCommerce shop?

Yes, you can! Unlike other hosts, we don’t limit what plan you can host Multisite or WooCommerce on. Of course, if you choose to use a very resource-heavy theme or package of plugins and/or have a great deal of traffic, then you will need to choose a more powerful plan. We recommend a Business or Custom plan for growing eCommerce stores and resource-intensive sites.

If you have a query, our expert support team is always standing by and ready to assist with deciding which level is right for you (and also to recommend more resource-friendly solutions that can save you money on hosting!).

Do you offer a staging environment?

Yes, we offer a fully functional, one-click staging environment, with all the features you need for safety testing and development. Quickly push changes between live and staging and reset in a click if required. Our staging is also super secure and password-protected to prevent abuse.