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Meet Reports

You can set how often they arrive, and of course, the contents.


Automated Updates

You can see all of the updates you've performed (or had automatically performed) over the period and be reassured that everything about your website is being kept current.

Safe, Secure & Audited

If you choose, include security scanning results, blocklist monitoring, IP lockouts completed and even a complete audit record of everything that’s happened on your website since the last report.

Performance & Optimization

Provide a breakdown of the ongoing performance successes of your site, from caching and compression status to performance tests - alongside successful SEO analysis results.

All Backed Up

Nothing reassures like knowing your site is all backed up and you can include a complete list of successful backups along with a history of backups being stored by you on your behalf.

Multisite & Subsite

Managing all your websites on a large Multisite? We’ve got you covered. Reports will scan and dish out all its automated reporting to any and every individual Subsite on your network.

Uptime Monitor

And last, but by no means least, you can provide a complete detailed record of your websites uptime availability and ongoing response time as measured by our automated uptime service.

Free Automated Reports

Daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Website performance
  • Updates & backups
  • SEO Score/Rankings
  • eCommerce analytics
  • Automation of Sales/Marketing


  • Security Tweaks (Detailed)
  • File scanning
  • Blacklist Monitor
  • IP Lockouts


  • Media Optimization
  • Smush CDN
  • SEO Score (Summary)
  • Detailed SEO Crawl Report (Detailed)


  • Performance Test Score
  • Score Metrics (Detailed)
  • Audits (Detailed)
  • Historic Field Data (Detailed)


  • Backups overview
  • Storage Used (Detailed)


  • Statistics
  • Response Time


  • Traffic
  • Sales

Automated reports for exceptional outcomes

  • Updates
  • Security
  • SEO
  • Performance
  • Backups
  • Uptime
  • Analytics
  • Campaigns
  • Billings

Forever free! Enjoy!